Universal love

To manifest what we want in this year, it is important to connect more deeply with the vibrations of universal love

Universal love

To manifest what we want in this year, it is important to connect more deeply with the vibrations of universal love – within and around you. Think about the past – to gather the wisdom of the past year and use it to inform the path we wish to embark upon.

For many, 2021 was a year of liberation. In numerology, 2021 is a 5 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5). 5 is the number of freedom, emancipation, and progress. Though necessary, this liberation isn’t always comfortable. It often asks us to release things we’ve been holding onto that bring us a sense of safety but ultimately don’t serve our highest good.

Take some time to think: What did you gain in 2021 – and, more importantly, what did you lose? And what possible realities did those “losses” create space for? As we enter 2022, we move into a 6 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6), and can utilize the freedom we found in 2021 to build something more stable.

While 5 breaks the chains that hold us back and propels us into new adventures, 6 asks us to get more comfortable and find steady ground. 6 is the number of home, family, and community and brings the energies of harmony, love, and compassion.

During a 6 year, our goals ascend beyond the personal and into the heart of the collective. It’s here that we learn to exist in harmony with others and recognize that what’s good for the world around us is ultimately good for us, too.

To connect more deeply with the vibrations of universal love, here’s what to focus on in 2022:

1. Deepen your connections – with yourself, others, and nature

Every day, we wake up and interact with the world – but are you truly connecting with it? Too often, we live our lives on auto-pilot, going through the motions while staying trapped within our own thoughts and feelings. In 2022, set the intention to look beyond your subjective experience and be more conscious of the energies around you. Connect more deeply with yourself through journalism, meditation, and your spiritual practice. Deepen your bond with others by practicing better listening skills, extending compassion, and seeking more honesty and closeness in every interaction. Spend time with Mother Nature and observe how deeply connected you are. This year, make it a goal to find more meaning in each and every one of your relationships.

2. Seek the beauty in everything

The number 6 is associated with Venus – the planet of love, pleasure, art and beauty. In 2022, open your eyes to the moments of beauty interlaced throughout daily life, like the sunlight streaming through your window in the morning, the flowers that line the street of your daily commute, or the sound of birds echoing from the trees. No matter where you are, there’s beauty to be found, and it’s up to you to see it. Set the intention to find beauty in even the most unlikely of places. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your perspective will shift!

3. Slow down

We’ve been conditioned to live our lives in “go” mode, and this conditioning tends to get even stronger during the holiday season. In 2022, make an effort to slow down and live more mindfully. Trust me – whatever you’re stressing about can wait. Regardless of what you need to tend to, what matters most is your physical and mental well-being. Set the intention to regularly pause, breathe, and get grounded. During especially stressful moments, get in tune with your senses: What do you see? What can you hear, feel, or smell? Reconnect with the world around you, and your relationships and health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – will benefit.

4. Protect your energy and feel the vibrations of universal love

While our relationships take center stage during a 6 year, it’s important to remember to set boundaries. Part of building harmonious connections is knowing when to step back and tend to your own needs. If you’re an energy worker or healer, it’s easy to fall into the cycle of focusing on everyone around you while neglecting yourself. In 2022, make it a priority to regularly check in on yourself the way you would with a friend. When you’re feeling out of balance, ask yourself what you need – it could be rest, a home-cooked meal, time with a pet or loved ones, or anything else that nourishes your body and soul. Fill your own cup first, and you’ll have more than enough to share with others.

5. Nurture your home life

6 is associated with home and family, and Life Path 6 is the most domestic of all life paths. In the coming year, take some time to nurture your home life and make your abode a place where you can feel happy, well-rested, and at peace. Your sacred space should be exactly that – sacred! Uplift the energy of your home with flowers, candles, artwork, or anything else that brings you joy. Tending to your home life is like watering your roots – nourishing your foundation will allow you to grow and bloom.

6. Find joy in the journey

In 2022, make an effort to see the significance in every phase of your journey. No matter where you are on your path, you have universal love and acceptance. You aren’t defined by what you’ve achieved. Life isn’t a race or competition – it’s an experience! And there’s meaning to be found every step of the way.

In Closing, connect more deeply with the vibration of universal love

May the coming year bring you more wisdom, healing, abundance, and light. May you look to the future with a sense of optimism and hope, and may you work with the energy of this year to connect more deeply with the vibration of universal love – within and around you. And so it is.