Add value to your gifts

Add value to your gifts, no matter how simple they may seem

Add value to your gifts

People complain that gift-giving becomes more and more empty, heartless, worthless, boring and obligatory. But the problem is not in choosing and giving gifts, but in the emotion and energy with which we do it.

Everything in our physical reality has “energy” carried by people, the circumstances in which we are surrounded, the places we are in, the gifts we choose and the objects we are surrounded by. So, everything that comes in our experience brings its own certain energy.

The loss of the meaning of a gift begins when you do it in the usual way, without a soul, without love, as an obligation that you must fulfill to your loved ones, or worse, an obligation required by Christmas customs and family traditions. Usually, when it is time to choose and buy gifts, people feel bad, empty and reluctant. So, with what kind of emotion do we look for the gift and in what way do we give the gift and why, it is decisive in what kind of energy we will surround ourselves together with the recipient and the whole environment.

 (who gives and why + the energy with which the gift is given = Add value to your gifts)

To restore the meaning of gift-giving is to approach them in a very different way, by adding value to them, in a way that will show your integrity, bring your good emotion, pure thought and love. We have seen that it makes a huge difference how you think about the gift and what you think at the moment when you choose the gift and what emotion you have for the person to whom you give the gift.

Gifts given by an angry, impatient, resentful person are very different from those given by a kind, open-hearted, and patient person. The gifts that a person chooses and gives in a hurry are very different from the gifts given by someone who patiently searches for the item and thinks that the gift will bring the biggest smile to the person’s face on Christmas.

As we approach Christmas, this time of year when gift shopping seems to outweigh our lives, it is important to remember the “why” we give each gift. Although we can not control how and why others give us gifts, but we can always be careful how we give gifts to others.

It is our duty to seek, to buy and to give with soul, heart, love, kindness, patience and integrity to the people who matter to us in our lives. Because of them it’s important to add value to your gifts. We can give gifts only to those whom we truly want to give from the heart, instead of those to whom we give out of obligation. We can give without expecting to receive anything in return, instead of engaging in the unconscious “give-to-get” that many of us do.

So the reasons why we give to a person can tell us everything we need to know about our relationship with that person. If we give because we want something in return, it tells us that the relationship is in some way dependent. If we give because we feel obligated, it tells us that the relationship has no authenticity. If we buy something for those we care about while feeling anger, frustration, resentment or any other lower emotion, then these are the energies we give them away.

It is not too late to start thinking about giving gifts as the language of your soul. Add value to your gifts, no matter how simple they may seem. By adding value to the gift, you want to convey a message to the recipient, and that message is clear. That message is more than sincere love and good wishes. While you are looking for or making your gift, you can fulfill it with your beautiful wishes for goodwill, sincere and good thought, love and good health.

With this very act of giving, you will immediately feel the difference in the relationship with those people. Something will change for the better.

Then let’s make a better change in giving together. Let people be happy, smiling and loving once they receive your gift.