Wood burning pendant for luck, money, love and prosperity

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This wood burning pendant necklace is minimalistic and durable flat design. They bring luck to the one who owns them and are an amulet for improving the financial situation and a talisman for love.


  • Completely handmade with love items
  • Materials: Wood
  • Made to Order
  • Necklace with adjustable waxed cotton cord


  • Pendant width 2 cm (0.8 inch),
  • Pendant height 3.5 cm (1,4 inch),
  • Chain length: to 40 cm (15,5 inch) – adjustable,
  • Materials: Natural Wood,
  • Hand Pyrography

The wooden materials are carefully selected, hand cut, sanded, smoothed and crafted with a lot of love, dedication and patience. Each product is unique, meaning no two are alike. Sometimes you may get a carving slightly different from the picture, but I guarantee it is even more beautiful when you see it live.

Wood burning pendant- Why they bring luck to everyone who possess them

The most important moment is when we send wonderful energy to the pendants. Each talisman/amulet is energized and unique, made to order just for the right client, that means you. The process takes some time. We make them with a lot of love and attention during the whole procedure. They are made as an amulet for improving the financial situation and a talisman for love.

You can choose one of the ready patterns from photos as a gift for you or as a gift for your special person – as a personal talisman/amulet.

Care Tips: Please do not submerge your wooden necklace in water or wear it while bathing, showering or swimming to maintain the longevity of the pendant.

The Price is for 1 Amulet.

Optional gift bag (please remember to “mark as a gift” to get it, otherwise we will send it in a standard protective bag!)

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Disclaimer: Charms are for entertainment purposes only, they are not intended to treat, diagnose, or otherwise define any condition.