Viking runes necklace | Handmade wooden jewelry with adjustable waxed cotton cord | Viking pendant necklace | Norse runes symbols

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Viking runes necklace | Handmade wooden jewelry with adjustable waxed cotton cord | Viking pendant necklace | Norse runes symbols

viking pendant necklace
viking pendant necklace




Viking runes necklace, Norse runes symbols for success, viking rune for love, money, prosperity and protection

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  • Handmade jewelry item
  • Pyrography jewelry handmade
  • Materials: Wood
  • Style: Celtic
  • Made to Order
  • Necklace with adjustable waxed cotton cord


  • Pendant width 2 cm (0.8 inch),
  • Pendant height 3.5 cm (1,4 inch),
  • Chain length: to 40 cm (15,5 inch) – adjustable,
  • Materials: Natural Wood, Hand Pyrography

Viking runes pendant necklace- the creation process, soul and design

Carefully selected wood, hand cut, sanded, smoothed and crafted with a lot of love, dedication and patience. The bind rune pendants are completely handmade and they are protected with paint and lacquer to preserve them for a long time.

Care Tips: Please do not submerge your wooden necklace in water or wear it while bathing, showering or swimming to maintain the longevity of the pendant.

The bind rune symbol is hand pyrographed (wood burned) during traditional ritual. Sometimes you may get a carving slightly different from the picture, because each product is unique, meaning no two are alike. But we guarantee they are even more beautiful when you see them live.

Each talisman/amulet is energized and unique, made to order just for you.

Viking rune meanings

It is believed that runes have their own meaning, purpose and special intended powers. A symbol of strength, stability, power, protection and can be used to ward off negative energy. It helps its wearer overcome obstacles and challenges, but is also said to protect its wearer from any harm or danger. They bring good luck and are an amulet to improve the financial situation, a talisman for love and many other benefits.

  • You can choose from the ancient Norse alphabet “Futhark” (carry your important words with you everywhere – as a personal talisman/amulet);
  • You can choose one of the ready patterns from photos as a Viking jewelry for men, viking jewelry for women;
  • Or as a Viking gifts for your special person.

To experience the magic of the bind rune pendants, carry the power of them everywhere with you.

The Price is for 1 Amulet.

Viking Pendant Necklace, Elder Futhark Runes amulet / talisman for Money, Success, Protection, Love, Prosperity, Handmade with love viking jewelry, pendant amulet

Disclaimer: Charms are for entertainment purposes only, they are not intended to treat, diagnose, or otherwise define any condition.

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