Handmade acrylic canvas mandala open lotus flower

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Handmade acrylic mandala open lotus flower



Mandala open lotus flower

  • Handmade mandalas
  • Materials: Cotton canvas, acrylic mandala open lotus flower
  • Painting size: Height: 20 cm Width: 20 cm
  • Total image size: 30cm x 21cm
  • There’s a free space for quote (10cm x 20cm) – If you have a wish we can create custom inspirational quote under the painting, or we can leave it blank for you to write your own inspirational quote by yourself.

This canvas is the perfect:
– Gift for him, gift for her
– Birthday gift
Gift for you

“Most mandalas have an intuitive, irrational character and, through their symbolical content, exert a retroactive influence on the unconscious. They therefore possess a ‘magical’ significance, like icons, whose possible efficacy was never consciously felt by the patient.” ~Carl Yung

The Meaning of Mandalas

Mandala in sanskrit means “circle”, the powerful symbol of wholeness and connection. Like gazing at a candle frame, with this beautiful focusing tool, we can bring peace and quiet to our minds. Mandalas have a relaxing and balancing effect – both when scoring or looking at them. This paintings are made with special methods and rituals, so that they can purify you and the space you are in. From time to time when you look at the pictures you will feel that the mandala brings a lot of positive, healing energy, peace and raising a higher energy level!

This is an original vibrant and colorful mandala hand painted by a line-by-line, with a lot of love, passion and attention to details. High quality acrylic painting boards with texture paper surface and acid free composition. Please note – I had tried to photograph the item and its colors as true to life as possible but keep in mind it may be slightly different than what appears on your monitor screen.

Please note that this artwork it’s unique and all of the paintings (mandalas) are unique, there’s no similar paintings. If the item it’s already sold there’s an option to make order for similar one.