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My Planner for Beautiful Life​

Daily planner (108 pages) with handmade positive drawings (mandala) with motivational quotes, where is invested a lot of love and positive energy. They are energized, made through special methods and rituals, and  bring good luck to everyone who owns them. The users of the planner don’t need to write anything in it. Reading it daily gives you directions on how to improve your mood, health, finances, love, and to raise your life to a higher level. The planner is timeless and you can use it every day. Drawings bring positive energy to everyone who sees them and who has them around. Affirmations complement it for even greater effect. Anyone who has it in their hands is a blessed person.

Handmade acrylic golden mandala

Mandala in sanskrit means “circle”, the powerful symbol of wholeness and connection. Like gazing at a candle frame, with this beautiful focusing tool, we can bring peace and quiet to our minds. Mandalas have a relaxing and balancing effect – both when scoring or looking at them. This painting is made with special methods and rituals, so that they can purify you and the space you are in. From time to time when you look at the pictures you will feel that the mandala brings a lot of positive energy, peace and raising a higher energy level!

Handmade acrylic mandala pink flower

Materials: 300gr painting paper
Painting size: Height: 20 cm Width: 20 cm
Total image size: 30cm x 21cm

There’s a free space for quote (10cm x 20cm) 

– If you have a wish we can create custom inspirational quote under the painting, or we can leave it blank for you to write your own inspirational quote by yourself.


This canvas is the perfect:
– Gift for the Inauguration
– Birthday gift
– Gift for you


Infinity Divine

If you are looking for ways to succeed in life, to rise to a higher level and to create the life of your dreams, you have come to the right place.


my planner for beautiful life
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My Planner For Beautiful Life
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I admire your work. Timeless Planner, absolutely gorgeous product! Items are with super quality, as described. Remarkable price! Fast shipping! Highly Recommended! Excellent website! Thank you! ❤
Sarah James
Omg, The Planner is so beautiful. Came in perfect condition. I have ordered few extraordinary mandalas with beautiful colors and quotes. Made my day! Absolutely happy. Highly Recommended. 5 stars.
Archana Patel
Such a beautiful Planner with meaningful every day quotes. I put it on the desk as you recommend, it looks perfect. It helps me make my day even more beautiful. I love it, thank you very much.
Simone Thomson