true self

Your true self and maintaining your inner spiritual peace – simple methods for every day use

Your True Self or Your True Nature

Each of us is “original and unique” and we all have unique gifts to offer the world. But if you feel that you are living your life according to old patterns that no longer serve you or you think that you have lost your true self, do not be discouraged, there are some simple methods that will connect you with your true self, find inner peace and create an emotionally stable and life of integrity.
In the following, we will suggest a few simple methods to restore your true self, self-confidence and joy in life:

A few exercises to connect with our joyful, innately pure, authentic true self

Think about when you felt happiest as a child. What was the moment when you felt the most free, happy and alive? Then write about the people, places, things, and activities that brought you the most joy growing up. This simple “remembering and thinking” exercise can put us deeply in touch with the innocent purity of our original true nature of self.

Did you know that creativity is the path to mindfulness, happiness, and peace? Carl Jung used art therapy with his patients. He encouraged the spontaneous drawing of mandalas. He believed that by just letting his patients draw with no interference, they would heal things in their psyche without even knowing it. CNN reports creative activities impact the body in a way similar to meditation. It’s like yoga for your brain. Coloring reminds us all of the days of childhood, as it turns out, when you are being creative, you are using both your creative self and your analytical self, your left and right brain hemispheres at the same time. This not only quiets your mind, it engages it.

Make the decision to release everything that makes you feel fake and that no longer serves you

The process of letting go can take the form of questions, for example: “Is this (person, place, job, behavior, situation) serving me to the highest level today?” Remember, what does not serve us to our highest level also does not serve others to their highest level, regardless of what it looks like. It ultimately serves no one when we allow ourselves to remain small, to dim our inner light, and to hide our truth from others (and maybe even from ourselves).

Do brain fitness exercises every day

To be spiritually fit, you have to work at it every day. Spiritual fitness is a new concept for optimizing your deepest sense of meaning and purpose. Spirituality is the search for a higher power, for something sacred or divine, or for something greater than ourselves.

The power of meditation

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the physical, cognitive and emotional benefits of meditation. Choose a simple meditation that appeals to you, such as a kindness meditation or a breathing meditation.

Prayer as a daily practice

Many studies show that prayer reduces stress; improves memory, focus and mood; and improves function in the prefrontal cortex. Just as you schedule time to exercise, make prayer or meditation a priority in your daily routine.

Turn your faith into action

Regardless of your belief system, make faith a part of your daily life. For example, if the tenets of your faith lie in forgiveness, find a way in your heart to release anger.

Seek out a spiritual coach

Just as your personal trainer helps you maintain your physical fitness, focus and fitness, a spiritual coach helps you maintain your mental fitness. A mentor can be a priest, a spiritual teacher from different schools of personal development or any other person you trust who will be there as your support. A mentor-student relationship is not about telling you what to do or how to think. Rather, it is a way to explore and expand your own spirituality.

Serve others, help others or volunteer

Serving others is a key aspect of a healthy spiritual life. Research shows that whenever you feel upset or angry, the best way to change your state of mind and emotions is to help others. Find satisfaction in volunteering through activities you love. For example, if you like to cook, get involved in organizing activities with people who make retreat meals for the homeless or an endangered group of people or other humanitarian action.

Do activities that elevate you to a higher level, that will bring you closer to achieving your goal in life.

Today’s Task/Practice: From the activities listed above, choose one to do today and enjoy the process.